If you haven’t yet seen this video then I highly suggest you take the time to watch it. Beautiful video edited by David Dean Burkhart. I can honestly say that this is one of my all time favorite videos ever. Well put together! 

Footage: from the 1988 film “Powaggatsi: Life in Transformation”

Music: Alt-J (∆) - Taro (Album: An Awesome Wave)

16th St. Mission Bart Station, San Francisco, California

taken with a Minolta x-700 // Kodak tmax 400

photo taken by Frederick Cooper

Tracks // 16th St. Mission Bart Station, San Francisco, California

taken with a Minolta x-700 // Kodak tmax 400

photo taken by Frederick Cooper

lucascph [asked} hey i have a Q, The 3 images u printed out (ur recent post), The bottom picture with the train passing by.. How was ur setup for that? And which settings did u put the camera on, to get that effect. I guess its long exposer time? I have a analog Canon A1. Cheers

hello! for the three photos in my recent post, i set up a tripod and used a cable release cord to take the photos. For all the photos I did a long exposure ranging from 10-20 seconds. As for the settings, I was experimenting with different f/stops so I wasn’t keeping tabs on which f/stop I used for each photo. But the camera was on the “bulb” setting (b) which allows you to take photos for as long as you want. Hope this helped! 

Printed more photos today. The time I put into them was definitely well worth it! // #vscocam #vsco #minoltax700

Windows of the Transamerica Pyramid (San Francisco, California)

photo taken by me

The new East-Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, seen from Treasure Island, San Francisco, California.

Taken with a Minolta x-700 // Kodak tmax 400

Photo taken by me

lucascph [asked} Yo, nice blog you have. Thanks for inspiration.

thanks man, so surreal hearing someone say i’ve inspired them, definitely made my night :~)


Hello! My name is Frederick Cooper and I’m a 21 year old student living in Northern California. I’ve been taking photos for 4 years now, but just recently started using film cameras. Nearly all of the black and white photos on my blog were developed and printed by myself, so i’m extra proud of those :-) The photo above is of downtown San Francisco seen from Treasure Island. It was taken with a Minolta x-700 using Kodak tmax 400 film. 
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Waiting For The Train, (Powell St. Bart Station, San Francisco, California)

photo taken with a Minolta x-700 // Kodak tmax 100

photo taken by me